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Updated 16 September 2007

Everything here is set entirely in Lois McMaster Bujold's Barrayar/Vorkosigan series. It is, of course, copyrighted by her, and I have not, of course, asked permission to use what she has created. May Herself and G-d forgive me, in that order.

This page is an index of what I've written.  I have been writing fanfic since early 2006, and welcome feedback by email or via the bujold_fic community on Livejournal where I post most of what I write. In real life, I am a married, childfree 40-something biostasistician living in New England and working on data management and analysis for HIV clinical trials. I also breed pet rats.

I started writing fanfic set in EE Beck and Stacey's LMB Alternate Universe, in which Gregor and Miles, well, you know. You can (and should) read A Deeper Season, their (PG13) slashfic novel, before reading anything I have written based on it. Beck and Stacy have generously allowed me to borrow their hard work, and have been wonderful about feedback.  I've done rewrites from another character's point of view, or fill-ins for things referenced, but not written about, in ADS.

More recently, I've branched out into LMB canon writing.  A lot of it is fill-ins for things mentioned in the books but nor expanded upon, or exercises in taking a different character's point of view in something already written.

I write a lot from Emperor Gregor Vorbarra's point of view; and even the exceptions tend to feature him in at least a minor role. We don't see him enough in Herself's writings; in ADS, EE Beck and Stacy focus on him as much as on Miles, but I'm going more into the details of the inside of Gregor's head.

My feelings on (hardcore) slash/het/p0rn: I've read some good stuff written in other fandoms, but as has been noted by others, the Vorkosiverse does not loan itself to this sort of thing. In particular, poor Gregor, who is exquisitely polite and private, just does not want p0rn writen about him. This does not mean that you won't find sex in my writings; it's just that you'll mostly need to fill in the who-put-what-where details yourself. I try to indicate if a piece has explicit or disturbing content.



Down for Editing

Pieces based on A Deeper Season:


True-to-canon pieces, mainly works in progress:


One more thing: I recently helped a very talented Russian fanfic writer with her Russian-to-English translation of a short piece she'd written. See Died in Unknown Circumstances, a story from the time of Mad Yuri.  

This story is part of the 2006 Bujold Livejournal ficathon, indexed here, which added significantly to the amount of Bujold fanfic available.

I am also helping her edit a 20-chapter PG-13 slashfic about Simon Illyan and Aral Vorkosigan's trip to Escobar.  This is still in progress, but what's available can be seen at It's A Long Way to Escobar.  (25Dec2006: the whole story is posted but the last three chapters are not yet "cleaned.")  We're also talking about my helping with some other pieces featuring Simon Illyan.


"Sucede que me canso de ser hombre.
Sucede que entro es las sasterias y en los cines
marchito, impenetrable, como un cisne de fieltro
navegando en un agua de origen y ceniza."

(I happen to be tired of being a man
I happen to enter tailor shops and movie houses
withered, impenetrable, like a felt swan
navigating in a water of sources and ashes.)

(from 'Walking Around' by Pablo Neruda -- reminds me of Gregor)

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